Need More Local Customers?

We Have a Welcome Opportunity For You!

Effective October, 2018, we are excited to announce improvements to our service which will make every dollar you spend well worth your sponsorship.  My New Neighbor is now partnering with local Realtors who will personally deliver Welcome Packages to new homeowners after their final walk through or at the closing.  Your information will be in their hands before the moving truck pulls away!

There are several reasons why we have decided to partner with Realtors.

  • Realtors establish strong relationships with homeowners
  • Realtors know when the homeowner is moving
  • Realtors are trusted professionals
  • Realtors have credibility with their clients

Most new residents rely heavily on their Real Estate Agent for information about local companies and services.  They will be recommending you and your service!

My New Neighbor is also excited to introduce your new local contact person; Clare Bongiovanni, former President & CEO of the Darien Chamber of Commerce.  Clare is eager and ready to work with all our current and future sponsors.   You may contact her at or 630-728-6682.

Thank you for your continued support of My New Neighbor.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best regards,

Cathy McNulty

My New Neighbor